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Seminars presented at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, NYC

How Can Selfishness & Generosity Make Sense in a Woman's Life? - with a section on the classic French novel Manon Lescaut

Can Love Make a Woman More Intelligent? - includes discussion of aspects of the life of Sonya Kovalevsky (1850-1891), Russian mathetician, who broke ground for women in her field, and in higher education as such.

What Can Art Teach Us about Love?: The Parthenon - we are trying to have matter & space, heaviness & lightness, strength & grace go together in love: opposites magnificently made one in the Parthenon.

Can a Woman Really Know Herself—& Does She Want To? - looks at Ruth & her effect on two brothers in Beyond the Horizon by Eugene O'Neill, with quotes from Eli Siegel's definitive lecture on that play

Can A Woman Make Sense of How She's For & Against a Man, the World, Herself? - with a section on Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai & her fight for the land & people of Kenya

What's Best in Us—& How Can We Be True to It? - includes a consideration of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice and its meaning for women now

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in film "Dirty Dancing"Can a Woman Be Both Serious & Lighthearted? - includes discussion of short story by noted 19th century writer Fanny Forester, & quotes from Eli Siegel's great lecture on her, What Is the Light?

How Can I Take Care of Me Yet Be Fair to You? - includes a section on Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit

The Most Popular Mistakes about Love—and How Not to Make Them! - takes up the film Erin Brockovich

Respect, Contempt, and Individuality - looks at the life of Pauli Murray,  lawyer & civil rights activist born in Baltimore when the South was segregated

Love and Criticism: Is There Any Relation? - takes up the play Look Back in Anger by John Osborne

Vera Brittain, author of Testament of YouthWhat Is True Courage—including in Love? - with a section on Vera Brittain's important WWI autobiography, Testament of Youth

A Woman's Conscience—Friend or Enemy? - about photographer Lee Miller

The Fight in Every Woman Between Selfishness & Generosity - looks at journalist Martha Gellhorn (1908-1998), who courageously covered the Vietnam War

What Does It Mean to Like People? - looks at Frances Wright (1795-1852), one of earliest persons to speak out publicly against slavery in America

What Are Women Hoping For? - about the famous muckracker, journalist Ida Tarbell (1857-1944) author of The History of Standard Oil

Is Good Will Our Greatest Power? - takes up the relation of Sara Coleridge and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, one of the important father-daughter relations in history

What  is Triumph in Love?- with a consideration of the English playwright Aphra Behn and her 17th century anti-slavery novel
"Hunters in the Snow" detail
Art Talks presented at the Terrain Gallery
How Can We Be Composed?: Bruegel's "Hunters in the Snow"

Art Opposes Injustice; or, Cezanne's "Still Life with Onions"

  Selected Articles
Seabiscuit Shows the Power of Kindness - Rock Island Argus, Tennessee Tribune, online Forum in Thoroughbed Times
What Does a Person Deserve by Being a Person? - Carolina Peacemaker
A home should be an inalienable right - Santa Cruz Sentinel
Geese on Ellis Island in New York HarborSome Family History


Some from my window; Central Park; geese on Ellis Island; protesting the war in Iraq
Poem by Sheldon Kranz

"The Moments between the Moments" To Anne Fielding

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