Aesthetic Realism Consultant Nancy Huntting

Sheldon Kranz (1919-1980) poet & writer, Aesthetic Realism Consultant

The Moments between the Moments        To Anne Fielding

By Sheldon Kranz

If I say to you: 
See how the neat edge of that red book 
Lying on the table 
Meets the air so gently; 
And how that white piece of thread 
Straggling unadmired across the dark polished floor 
Is really what you have known 
Standing in the wings 
Waiting for your cue—  
Then will you see 
That the moments between the moments are 
As full as any upon a lighted stage 
Where self meets self in honest puzzlement; 
And things are telling us what is real 
With each tick of the clock, 
Between this moment and the next, 
On any humdrum day.


“In poetry, there is something primal that shows itself, in the resulting words, as finesse. In the work of Sheldon Kranz, this primal finesse can be seen.”
                                —Eli Siegel, from the introduction to Personal & Impersonal: 6 Aesthetic Realists Aesthetic Realism Consultant Nancy Huntting. All rights reserved