Aesthetic Realism Consultant Nancy Huntting

Here are photos of the city I love, nature in New York State, other photographs I'd like people to see:

SoHo  rooftops and water towers      Chelsea rooftops and water towers   Mysterious, strict, and free!

    The Gates bring new drama of brilliance & darkness to Central Park     Central Park Gates

Little Tree, Shining        Spring snowfall        Empire State Building, early evening   

       The Chrysler Building in relation

  Chrysler building & smokestacks from Circle Line boat, East River                        Chrysler bldg and UN from East River

       Lively tombstones in churchyard below Houston       
  Jefferson Market Library        Musicians at Union Square       Light shaft, street below Houston 

Rooftop Silhouette on 14th Street   14th Street Window
Geese on Ellis Island        

Towers in cloudsBrooklyn water towers
Towers in clouds was shot likely in the late 1990s.                                                                                                           

Woolworth Building and World Financial Center from Circle Line boat, Hudson River

Patriotism, the Real Thing:
          Protest in Washington DC 2003 

  Protest in Washington 2003. Photo by D. Tarrow             Protest in NYC March 20, 2004. Photo by V. DiPietro

Nature in New York City & State:

                           Mother deer with young, upstate NY   
Deer of the Catskills     Beauiful Tree Upstate

        Moth found in Catskills                        Snowy Owl, Brooklyn Children's Zoo    

     This moth--I'd never seen anything like it!--was found in upstate NY; the Snowy Owl on the right, in the Children's Zoo in Brooklyn.

 Copperfield, my cat. Photo by A. Perey
Copperfield (1990-2005), photo by A. Perey.


Union Square 1999, child with signUnion Square demonstation in 1999Union Square 1999 mother and child with signUnion Square-1999-artist-with-signUnion Square 1999 couple with sign   
Above are photos of a demonstration at Union Square NYC on December 5, 1999, when Rudy Giuliani was mayor and treating people very brutally--wanting to deny shelter & rights to the homeless in his effort to "clean up" the city. Many people felt outraged, myself among them. That's a young girl holding one of artist Robert Lederman's signs, "Crueliani." In the middle the mother and child's sign says: "We are homeless, not hopeless. We need affordable housing."  The sign in the last photo is: "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Children of God have no place to lay their heads." Visit for an explanation of the cause of homelessness and a real solution to it.


The pictures below were found in a magazine, and online:
Steve Morello
Polar bear mother and young.  Photo by Steve Morello

Snow Leopard by Klein & Hubert
Snow Leopard, photo by WWF/Klein & Hubert

A leopard is not a tiger, but these lines, I believe, describe both:
From The Tiger
by William Blake
TIGER, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful
Mushhushu Dragon (630-562 BC) from Ishtar Gate, near Baghdad, Iraq

Mushhushu Dragon (630-562 BC) on the Ishtar Gate,
 south of Baghdad, Iraq. Photo by goldtoblue (flickr)

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