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Welcome to my website, where I'm glad to bring to people what I've learned from Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded in 1941 by the great American poet and critic Eli Siegel.

I'm proud to have seen that Aesthetic Realism is true: it explains the human mind and the world we are in with new respect and scientific exactness. It enables individual men and women to be fully what they hope to be!

I grew up near Cincinnati, majored in Literature at Denison University and moved to New York City, where I worked for Newsweek magazine and later had an antique store. It was then that I first attended an Aesthetic Realism public seminar. I was electrified by the honesty and scholarship of the speakers and what they were saying about art and life.

What Aesthetic Realism Is

I began to study these principles stated by Eli Siegel:

1)  The deepest desire of every person is to like the world on an honest or accurate basis.
2)  The greatest danger for a person is to have contempt for the world and what is in it....Contempt can be defined as the lessening of what is different from oneself as a means of self-increase as one sees it.
3)  All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.

There are many books you can read; Self and World: An Explanation of Aesthetic Realism has these great, vitally important sentences:

"There is a deep and 'dialectic' duality facing every human being, which can be put this way: How is he to be entirely himself, and yet be fair to that world which he does not see as himself? The definition of aesthetics is to be found in a proper appreciation of this duality....If it is possible; if, in fact, it is the great purpose of art to be one's self and yet give everything to the object—can we not find here the just purpose in life itself?"  —from Self and World by Eli Siegel

Some of the talks I've presented at seminars are listed to the left. My art talks are also there, from the great Terrain Gallery's series "Art Answers the Questions of Your Life." I am proud to be one of the coordinators of the international journal The Right of Aesthetic Realism to be Known.  And there's more, too, on my Site Map.

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